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The B Strong Group Initiative:


blood Is love, blood is life”

The B Strong Group

“A single patient with sickle cell disease can receive up to 50-100 pints of blood each year.”

American Red Cross

No Universal Cure for Sickle Cell Disease

There is currently no cure for sickle cell disease that is safe for everyone. Until there is a universal cure that is safe for everyone, blood transfusions and exchanges are effective treatments for sickle cell patients who need them.

Diversify the Blood Supply

Generally the best blood match for a patient requiring ongoing transfusions comes from donors of the same ethnic or genetic background. Use of this matched blood can decrease the risk of complications related to transfusion therapy, especially in patients who receive lifelong transfusions. ~American Red Cross

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Blood Donors = Life Savers

Blood donors play an important role in sickle cell disease treatment. Intermittent, lifelong blood transfusions are often required to treat and/or prevent specific sickle cell related complications, especially strokes. ~American Red Cross

Nutrition and Blood Donation

Anyone who wishes to donate blood should be sure to eat iron rich foods. Your body loses some iron once you donate blood so it is important that your preparation includes proper nutrition. It is also important to drink plenty of water. Hydration will also make the blood donation process easier.

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Sharing Our Story

We are always grateful for the opportunity to share our story in support of blood donation and in partnership with the American Red Cross.

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Dedicated Donors

Our goal is to have as many dedicated, regular donors as possible. We also want to help increase the number of African American blood donors. It is so important to diversify the blood supply. Our sickle cell warriors need the closest matched blood possible in order to prevent future complications.


I donate blood in honor of my son who has received a life saving blood transfusion before. I truly believe that I am helping to save lives.


Happy to support the Green family and our community!

JO – Dedicated Blood Donor

Let’s save lives. Join the fight agains sickle cell disease.

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