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Virtual - Facebook Live

Our special guest will be Dr. Yvette Miller, Executive Medical Officer with American Red Cross. We will discuss the importance of diet when it comes to blood donation. Specifically we will discuss the issue of low iron (or hemoglobin) in African American donors and how diet can improve that condition.

The B Strong Group Tuesday Chat

Virtual - Facebook Live

Our special guest is Dr. Jeff Schatz, Clinical Psychologist that has worked with sickle cell children and their families at our local Childrens Hospital. We will discuss mental health and children with sickle cell disease.

The B Strong Group’s Tuesday Chat

Virtual - Facebook Live

We're excited to have Dr. Tomia Austin, Executive Director, The As One Foundation, as our guest for our next B Strong Group's Tuesday Chat. We will be broadcasting live on social media. We will have a very important discussion about Sickle Cell Trait. Be sure to tune in! If you have any questions that youContinue reading "The B Strong Group’s Tuesday Chat"