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Meet Braden, Our Inspiration:


Braden has Sickle Cell Hemoglobin SC Disease.  It is the second most common type of sickle cell disease.  It occurs when you inherit the Hb C gene from one parent and the Hb S gene from the other.  Braden loves all sports!  He has played baseball and basketball.  He loves playing kickball for fun.  He loves watching all other sports, especially football, where his favorite professional team is the Carolina Panthers.  He can play sports as long as he stays hydrated and take frequent breaks.  Braden also has asthma so he has to make sure his breathing is good, as well.

Braden also love the arts.  He has taken piano and drum lessons and is currently taking cello lessons.  He loves to draw, paint and create things.  He is super creative and his imagination and ability to create art with it, is inspiring.  Braden loves school and his favorite subject is math.

Sickle Cell Disease causes him to miss days of school, some holidays and fun activities but Braden never complains.  He just keeps going.  If you ask Braden how he was doing, 99% of the time, his response will be “I’m good.”

Because of his resilience, strength and positive attitude, his dad and I were inspired to start this nonprofit in Braden’s honor.  We want to do our part in spreading awareness about sickle cell disease.  We want to give back to our community and encourage our community to support our Warriors, their caregivers and embrace the importance of awareness.

Braden enjoys being a part of  The B Strong Group.  He likes volunteering and sharing information about our organization.  The B Strong Group exists because of Braden.  Our supporters love Braden and our family.  Our organization also has other sickle cell warriors who are also helping The B Strong Group with its mission.  We want to empower our Warriors and their caregivers by allowing them to be a part of this special organization.