Join us for our Cycle for Sickle Cell Blood Drive & Community Event on Saturday, August 26th & Community Outreach Event! Sign up to donate blood today here!


We founded this nonprofit in honor of our son, Braden, who has sickle cell disease. Braden was diagnosed during his newborn screening. I didn’t know that my husband had the sickle cell trait and I was unaware that I had an abnormal hemoglobin C. Over the years we learned as much as we could in order to make sure that Braden received all of the care he needs. We are also teaching Braden to advocate for himself as we are advocating for him. We have also felt alone on this journey and as a result did not want other families such as ours to feel the same. We want our warriors and their families to know that someone cares.

In November 2017, we founded The B Strong Group. Our goal is to advocate for our warriors and their caregivers because we understand first hand what they are experiencing. We want to impact our warriors directly; where they are being cared for, in our community and how certain services, such as blood donation, is so important to their care.

We hope that you join us on this journey.

~Brenda Green, Founder & CEO, The B Strong Group

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