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9th Annual Cycle for Sickle Cell & Blood Drive Event was a SUCCESS!

Kick Off to Sickle Cell Awareness Month

On behalf of The B Strong Group , Patrick, Just Braden and I would like to thank everyone who had any role in the 9th Annual Cycle for Sickle Cell & Blood Drive. From the planning crew, to those who shared, all who attended, those who donated and sponsored, those who encouraged, prayed and sent well wishes, our blood donors aka life savers….thank you.

Thank you Richland County Recreation Commission for your partnership and to your ABSOLUTELY AMAZING staff -Eastover Park Staff ShoutOut- who made this event flow so smoothly. Thank you for putting #CommunityFirst.

Thank you American Red Cross of South Carolina for your partnership and making the process to host blood drives easy to navigate. Thank you for making sickle cell disease & the need for blood a national initiative. Thank you to your amazing staff who worked so hard to make sure all of our donors were treated with respect and comfortable. Thank you to Vesha Jamison, Sickle Cell Account Manager for your assistance and guidance in planning for this blood drive and others, being on site from beginning until the end.

Thank you Sickle Cell Community Consortium for your support in planning this event and providing the education needed to share with our community. The B Strong Group is proud to be a CBO Partner and we appreciate your ongoing support as we all spread awareness of sickle cell disease.

Thank you Town of Eastover for embracing this event! Thank you Mayor Gunter and Camille Nicole Gunter for your help with planning and being there to make sure the event was a success.

Thank you sharpironriders and Tyrone S Mitchell for your support and for embracing our nonprofit. We appreciate your assistance in our program and educating our community about safe cycling. Thank you for cycling for Sickle Cell Disease and we look forward to planning for next year’s event!

I’m so grateful for all of our volunteers who dedicated so much time and energy in preparing for and completing the event. You are so appreciated. Adrienne Charsena, I may need a separate post for you but I can’t share enough how much I appreciate you. Your ability to dedicate so much time to so many things is just amazing. We are grateful to you and Ericka for allowing us to host this event in memory of your beautiful mom, Harriett Roberson Scott, our beloved warrior. Her impact, love, selflessness and beauty lives on through you. Thank you and #TeamHarriett.

Thank you to my cousin, Terrance Anderson and family for your help in planning for this event and making sure it was a success. Your dedication in spreading awareness of the importance of blood donation is heartwarming. Thank you Columbia Sigmas for your continued support. We appreciate you being there and also helping us to save lives through blood donation.

Thank you Able South Carolina for providing a barrier free Covid-19 vaccine opportunity for our participants. We are grateful to work with Mckenzie to make sure this was available at our event.

I’m grateful for my immediate family including my parents (Albert & Deloris) who are always supportive, my sisters Angela Mack and Tracie Anderson Swilley, my daughters Briana Wright and Ebonii Jazmine Green and also Jacob Fillinger who have embraced this cause and the importance of blood donation.

Thank you to our #TeamBStrong Warriors, Princess Brown and Kendra Macon for being an inspiration and making sure that this event was a success. Thank you to Catrina Graham for your help and support. Your beautiful mom, a beloved warrior, will always be remembered and I’m so blessed to have met her and can continue to remember her through you.

Thank you Marie Ireland Aimone with DHEC’s Camp Burnt Gin, James R Clark Memorial Sickle Cell Foundation for attending and sharing. Thank you JRC for providing trait screening and education about sickle cell disease. Thank you Fish Hole for providing the food for our event. Thank you Duke Gunter DJ Turnup for keeping our event festive with the tunes! Thank you Pelican’s SnoBalls in Elgin for providing the sweet treats to our guests!

Thank you Lower Richland High School JROTC and HOSA for volunteering. From helping with setup and tear down, checking in guests and donors, providing hydration along the cycle course and even walking along with us…your hard volunteering service was so appreciated!

Thank you Rcsd Reg8ion, for your continued support. You made sure the course was safe for all who participated in the cycle event. Thank you for even engaging with participants and actually attending the event. That speaks volumes!

I’m grateful to our community leaders who attend our events. Thank you Chakisse Newton – Richland County Council District 11 for always supporting and for being a regular blood donor. Thank you to Barbara Weston-Richland School District One Board of Commissioners At-Large and team for attending and acknowledging sickle cell disease.

If I didn’t call you by name, blame my tired brain; however, if I did and find out….Facebook does have an edit button.

This cause is bigger than us. I began all of this in honor of my son, but now it’s for all of our amazing warriors and their loving caregivers and family. We will continue to do our part in spreading awareness of sickle cell disease and important issues such as the need for blood donation. You can join us by following The B Strong Group. We’re here on FB but you can also follow on IG and Twitter (@thebstronggroup) oh and subscribe to our YouTube page!

My heart was full and happy after yesterday’s event. My community showed up and supported. May God bless you all.

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We are an organization dedicated to spreading awareness of sickle cell disease, advocating for our warriors and listening to their stories. We are dedicated to empowering our warriors and their caregivers through education, giving and sharing.

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