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I’m Reminded

Some days, advocacy can be exhausting. You gave me a reason to be strong and continue; a reason to be heard and repeat if necessary; a reason to share our story and share again. But some days, my hope wavers, my belief that truth shall prevail blurs and my confidence that my actions can cause change, weakens. But I look at you and am reminded. I’m reminded that you look at me without a doubt and know, I got you. In your eyes, there’s no wavering, no blurriness. You smile with confidence no weakness in sight. I’m reminded of my why. I’m reminded of my purpose. My hope, belief and confidence are all replenished. Your smile touches my soul. I’m reminded of why God gave you as my blessing. I started this advocacy journey because of you and I continue because of others like you. I look at you and I’m anew.

Braden, My Sickle Cell Warrior

Published by The B Strong Group

We are an organization dedicated to spreading awareness of sickle cell disease, advocating for our warriors and listening to their stories. We are dedicated to empowering our warriors and their caregivers through education, giving and sharing.

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