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My son amazes me every day. Despite his illness, he smiles. Despite his pain, he smiles. I vividly remember the day when he was fighting for each painful breath that those sickled cells were determined to block. I remember seeing the donated blood slowly flow into his body as he laid in pediatric intensive care oblivious to what was happening. I remember being so grateful for that donated blood and praying that it would help my son’s body to recover. I remember promising to do what I can to be sure that donated blood will be available for another mom or dad, husband or wife sitting just like me, watching and waiting. I can hug my son today, years later. I’m forever grateful, forever indebted in honor of my son. My Why.

Published by The B Strong Group

We are an organization dedicated to spreading awareness of sickle cell disease, advocating for our warriors and listening to their stories. We are dedicated to empowering our warriors and their caregivers through education, giving and sharing.

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